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Skateboard Street Art - Half Day Workshop | 9am-Midday

11/01/2023 09:00am
11/01/2023 12:00pm


Welcome to the Summer School Holidays!


In this half day workshop, students will learn about the Elements of Art including line, shape, colour, value, form, texture and space together with an overview of Street Art in art history.


Inspired by the art history and a drawing warm up, students will create their very own decorative full size Skate Deck to take home!


A full size Skate Deck is provided for the students to design, decorate and take home!


A light morning tea will be provided. 

Please pack a water bottle for your child.

All materials, tuition and FUN is included!





Based on the Service NSW Conditions of use, the Creative Kids Voucher must be used in full with one provider in one transaction. This means you can book one full day workshop or two half day workshops.



To claim your Creative Kids Voucher, please enter your 16 digit voucher number on the checkout screen and provide the child’s name and date of birth. The voucher number will automatically deduct $100 at the Checkout. 



Thank you!