** FULLY BOOKED ** Term 3 Tuesday K-6 Class | 30 July to 17 September | Julie & Lisa M | All Students Welcome!

30/07/2024 03:45pm
17/09/2024 05:15pm


Welcome to Term 3 2024 – Surrealism | Real & Imagined


In this 8-week course, students will develop and further understand the creative process and progress their art technique in a fun and supportive environment.


Students will learn about Surrealism and how selected artists produced their artworks and how contemporary artists produce their works today. 


This term we start with Coloured Pencil Drawings based on the works of the Belgian artist Rene Magritte. We then step into three-dimensional Clay Sculptures, looking at the works of Spanish artists Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist. 


Then its soft pastels and the realist views of spheres in outback Australia created by artist James Gleeson with a focus on value and form. Then we dive into a world of Marc Chagall on we will experiment with wax and watercolours.


We round out the term with a look at Australian contemporary artist Abdul Abdullah and his amazing realist landscapes with caricature figures. Lastly, we look at surrealism through the eyes of Spanish artist Joan Miro where we will look at collage and mixed media.  


We will explore drawing mediums, including coloured pencils, oil pastels, watercolours, mixed media, collage, clay sculpture and soft pastels. Other techniques will include drawing, as drawing underpins most of our process art techniques. We will also explore a variety of subject matters related to portraiture, landscapes, animals, still life, urban landscapes and the human figure.  


The first 6 weeks is spent learning about Surrealism and various art techniques, while in the last few weeks, students develop their own Surrealism inspired masterpiece based on the art and the techniques that we have looked at over the course of the term. 


All Students are provided with;

  • A Visual Arts Diary for their workings and drawing excercises throughout the Term
  • An apron in class for their art activities
  • A mini Fine Art Lesson each week relevant to a particular artist or style for the Term
  • All Art Materials required for each weeks diverse activity
  • Their own piece of Art, created in class each week, to take home!
  • All the materials required to complete a Masterpiece of their choice at the end of Term  
  • light snack of fruit & biscuits
  • 8 Weeks of Creativity and Fun in a nurturing environment!


Classes are pro rata through the term so you can join in at anytime throughout the Term!




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